so, there's a lot that this theme can do...

And I'm not very good at it yet! So I've created this test page where I'm trying out a bunch of different features that might be useful. I've already set some typography styles in place, so I'm just kind of messing around with the modules and seeing what I can get away with. 

heading three, at your service

Wow, I wonder how to make these gaps between paragraphs smaller. This is like a pre-fab section for images with captions.

Have I mentioned that I also build airplanes? I think hobbies are helpful for blowing off steam.


design is...


(no one cares)

For my next trick, I'm going to try a multi-column text layout. I'm a little nervous about how that's going to go. If you don't hear from me, it's because I'm trapped between columns.


As you can see, I take marbling very seriously. I consider myself something of an expert


Did you catch that inline style right there? I guess that's working fine. So is this one.  


It looks like I can't remove these ridiculous images — only replace them. Yuck.

OH, now I get it. Let's try this again...

Hi, there.

I'm a creative. A dreamer. An attention-seeker. I'm passionate about solving complex problems with visually flattering solutions. I live in Brooklyn, Florida with a cat named Otis and a hammerhead shark named Spanky. 

Want to work with me?


What I do:

slice mangoes
read to ladybugs
crunch Teslas
provoke bears

What I can help you do:

eat frisbees
goad politicians
beat that cactus
electrify toilets

Send me a pigeon!

Brooklyn Brooklynface
666 Brooklyn Street
Brooklyn, FL 666

the good news is that this theme seems to handle SVGs pretty well

image of DARB: an emoticon smiley face made of a colon and a single parenthesis, flipped upright so the smile extends laterally and the eyes are above it

hi, darb! get back on your page, you little scamp!

image layouts

Let's try some of these — the good news is that you can link the images to anything, so it'd be easy to build some kind of gallery system. And there are tons of prefab formats to help get things started. I'll show some of those next.


elevated essentials...

I don't know about this... I'm trying to figure out how it was constructed. It looks like this is just a new section, but filled with an alternating assortment of images, text boxes, and spacer columns to give this kind of randomized effect. Hm. 


...for supervillains

So, it looks like I can add in more text boxes into this layout as I need to... It's just a little unpredictable. I don't know if it would be harder or easier to start from scratch.


seductive modernity

If you can afford this stuff, climate change will not impact you. 



It looks like through manipulating offset controls, I can float PNGs across sections like this. Could be useful for continuity between ideas, or to add some dimensionality to the layout. A little hard to control, but shows promise.

when I'm not DESIGNING...

You'll find me at the mall, at Red Lobster, at the abandoned gazebo, at your mom's house, at the pier with a stranger in a trench coat, at Best Buy, at your child's kindergarten class with a cotton candy cart, at your best friend's wedding in the dress you would've worn, or at Arby's.

IMG_8530-2 IMG_8530

embedded video

Easy to host videos from YouTube, etc. I'll try to do a natively hosted video below. You can do a lot of cool formatting things with those, but they also load slower and take up server space. My sense is that they'd be best for short, looping atmospheric pieces, while more explanatory videos would be better off hosted elsewhere.

I'll drop a self-hosted video below.

semplice examples (actually good)

While this is fun, it's probably useful to look at sites that were put together a little more carefully using this theme. Here are some examples I've found that I really like.

super nutty and fun

This bakery site is super energetic and has lovely dynamic type. 


maximalist + gorgeous

This is a personal portfolio with tons of style — really satisfying.

provocative restraint

I have no idea how this was implemented, but I like the interactive, text-based approach


minimal, but personable

I like how restrained but also approachable this one is — walks a fine line very well (and is super usable).


case study

Example of how people use this theme to draw out the course of a project in a detailed, dynamic layout.


authorial voice

This is a great example of a really cohesive site that works as a living CV and a portfolio. Very consistent visuals.

^^ that was a gallery slider

There seem to be lots of options for those.




prince of darkness